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How to tie Jeff's SLG Fly
By Al Caucci

The SLG fly was developed for the West Branch and Main Stem of the Delaware River System to imitate the myriad of small minnows the trout feed on.  The idea was to copy the action of the soft stick baits like the Sluggo.  Its slimmer profile offers an alternative to wide body patterns like Flick's Phenom (Click Here).  It's especially effective when slender baits are more prevalent in the river.

Aside from trout, the SLG Fly has proven itself on False Albacore, Striped Bass, Sea Trout, Jacks, Redfish, and Smallmouth Bass.  Changing the length, hook, and color of craft fur allows you to use this fly for virtually any species of fish in fresh and saltwater.

Materials  (Orange shown, see below for other options)
Hook: Gamakatsu SC15  2/0 (shown), Owner Aki, any short shank hook
Uni  3/0 to match craft fur color
Eyes:    Stick on
  Extra Select Craft Fur
Extra Select Craft Fur
Mirage Flashabou
Head:  Aquaseal or 30 minute epoxy (shown)

Step 1: Tie in a clump of craft fur for the tail with 2 pieces of flashabou, add a drop of softex  just past the bend of the hook

Step 2:  Hi tie another clump of craft fur just forward of the tail, add a drop of softex


Step 3
:  Hi tie another clump of craft fur just forward of the tail, add a drop of softex   


Step 4
: Tie in clumps of craft fur on the top and bottom of the hook shank with the tips facing forward

Step 5: Wrap lead wire behind the eye of the hook to the beginning of the wing

Step 6:  Fold the craft fur at the head back and attach eyes.  Hold it in place with a twist tie

Step 7:  Coat the head with either Aquaseal or 30 minute epoxy.  I like to finish just behind the eye

Rainbow Silverside/Anchovy

Chartreuse Pink/White

White Bait for False Albacore Shrimp for Tarpon

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