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How to tie a Hi Viz Isonychia Parachute
By Al Caucci

Isonychias are a staple on the Delaware System  from June through September.  This version is tied with heavy hackle to keep it floating and an orange post for low light visibility fishing.

Hook: Daiichi 1280 - size to match natural
Thread:  Uni 6/0 Rusty Brown
Tail:  Split Fibbets
Body:  Caucci/Nastasi Mahogany Spectrumized Dubbing
Wing: Orange Hi Viz
Hackle:  Dark Dun

1. Wrap hook shank with tying thread as indicated, tie in fibbets and split with a figure eight wrap, then wind thread forward to 1/3 behind the eye.

2. X wrap the Hi Viz in on the bottom of the hook like a spinner wing (view is bottom of hook shank).


Pull both sides of the Hi Viz to the top of the hook and wrap as a post.


Tie in two oversized hackle feathers (shown are #8 hackles on a 12-2xl hook).

5. Dub the body to just in front of the parachute post.

5. Wrap both feathers around the post- the more wraps the better.  Tie off the hackle at the base of the post and trim.

5. Push the hackle out of the way, finish dubbing to the head, whip finish.

Copyright 2011 Al Caucci Fly Fishing