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How to tie a Compara- Spinner
By Al Caucci

Hook: Daiichi 1180 or 1280- size to match natural
Thread:  Uni 6/0
Tail:  Micr
o Fibbetts
Body:  Caucci/Nastasi Spectrumized Dubbing to match natural
Wing: Hackle

1. Wrap hook shank with tying thread as indicated, then tie in microfibbetts and split the tail as shown (Top view shown).

2. Wind a tapered dubbed body as indicated. Note: make sure dubbing is sparse and body silhouette is slender.  Tie in hackle for wing (One for smaller flies and two hackles for larger hook sizes).  Wrap sparser for flat water flies and thicker for faster, broken water.


Continue to dub to within 1 1/2 hook eyes.


Wind the hackles forward like a standard dry fly and whip finish.

5. Cut hackle flat on the top and bottom of the fly (Top view shown).


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