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How to tie a Compara-CDC- Emerger  The AARP FLY
By Al Caucci

Big wild trout love eating bugs that can't fly away as they approach. More and more of our fishing is done with emergers as trout frequently prefer this more vulnerable stage of the hatch to the actual duns. My emerger pattern also doubles as a cripple or stillborn and can be used successfully during and after the hatch. Give them a try and I'm sure you'll be impressed.  This pattern works great in low light and glare situation where its hard to see the deer hair Compara-Emerger.

Hook: Daiichi 1130 - size to match natural
Thread:  Uni 6/0
Tail:  Antron or Z lon
Body:  Caucci/Nastasi Spectrumized Dubbing to match natural
Wing: Stripped CDC fibers

1. Wrap hook shank with tying thread as indicated, then wind in a medium bunch of z-lon to create a shuck.

2. Wind a tapered dubbed body as indicated. Note: make sure dubbing is sparse and body silhouette is slender.


Strip the fibers off cdc feathers.  Attach CDC with X wraps,  pull the cdc ends upright and loop like you're forming a parachute post.  Click here to Step 3 Details


Dub in the thorax around the base of the cdc tie in point, whip finish and trim the tread.

5. Pull the tips of the cdc fibers up and trim.  it should bush out. This works especially well when the trout are taking the emergers just a few inches under the surface film.

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